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Moonjoo Lee - Minhwa & Watercolor Artist

Moonjoo Lee received her Bachelor of Fine Arts in Textile Design at Hongik University in Seoul­, Korea, well-known for its leading art program.

After teaching art at public middle schools for twelve years, Moonjoo immigrated to the United States. She settled in Maryland, where she raised her two daughters as a single mother and opened her home to numerous Korean exchange students. For the past few years, Moonjoo has finally had the opportunity to slow down and refocus her energy into her art practice. With her present body of work, Moonjoo has received awards for group competitions, participated in cultural festivals, and held her first solo exhibition in November of 2019.

Moonjoo’s work passionately speaks to the beauty of our natural world–her subtle abstractions serving as a prism, reflecting its endless wonders. She also reflects on her cultural heritage using mulberry paper and China ink through Minhwa, a traditional form of Korean folk art, while bringing her own modern style through her use of watercolors. For Moonjoo, the act of painting offers an opportunity to take pause, connect deeply, and simply marvel. It is her hope that, in turn, the paintings she creates will allow her to share the beauty of this world with others, while also bridging cultural connections. 


Moonjoo’s artworks are catalogued on Instagram at @MamaMinhwa

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